About Us

Brinderson Holdings is looking to acquire strategic add-ons for our Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) company. We have a strategic focus of adding companies with an emphasis on electrical and instrumentation, maintenance and engineering, or specialized niche, with revenues between $10M-$50M. Currently, Brinderson Holdings is not looking to add strategic construction companies.

For electrical and instrumentation, we are interested in acquiring companies located in Bakersfield or near our headquarters in Costa Mesa. In terms of engineering companies, we are interested in firms located in Bakersfield, Houston, San Francisco, or in Southern California. And for maintenance, we are open to companies located in the western region.

Brinderson Holdings possesses sufficient relationships and capital to ensure smooth ownership transitions and a liquidity option for the current owner. We are a long-standing, financially capable organization that is able to acquire businesses for cash and, in addition, we maintain flexibility on various types of transaction structures depending upon the needs and goals of business owners.


Target Preference

Electrical and Instrumentation

Maintenance and Engineering

Specialized Niche – Refractory, mechanical, etc.

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